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Xiaomi YI Dashcam Review

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In this article I’m going to write about Xiaomi YI dashcam. I also mention all the pros and cons of this device.

The market is full of car cameras or dash cams but it’s not that easy to choose the right one.

If you don’t want to spend a 100 for it xiaomi dash cam is a great camera that costs just around 70 bucks.

What you’re getting in the packaging include a compact section cup a micro USB cable and dual USB car charger.

When it comes to the design we’re looking at quite a compact device. The build quality is great. Although the camera uses mainly plastic in its construction. It has a micro SD card slot which can expend to 64 gigs.

Although some users say it works fine with 128 gig cards. It have the micro USB port for charging. Keep in mind that this dash cam is designed to work with the power source. It has a built in battery but it can work only for 15 minutes.

I really wish it had a larger battery so I can use this device as an action camera – it’s worth mentioning that the camera starts recording as soon as you plug the power card.

One of the key features is 2.7 inches display which works as if you finder. Also it has physical control buttons to help you navigate through menus.

The camera has a G sensor or a shark sensor. If you hit it for example if you are in a car accident a red indicator shows that the camera saves a separate pile of 20 seconds 10 seconds before and 10 seconds after the G sensor was activated.

Other buttons are used for recording a video or pausing it playing back the video scene shot and last but not least it has a power button which also doubles as a Settings button speaking of the UI. It is pretty much straightforward you can adjust the resolution adjust the G sensor sensitivity and so on.

Some notable features include ABS system which is supposed to help you measure the distance between your car and other cars but I didn’t really use this feature.

Another feature worth mentioning is the built in Wi-Fi which allows you to connect the camera with your phone using the proprietary app. Within the app you can see the pictures and videos from the camera and download them to the phone. Use your phone as a viewfinder adjust various settings of the dashcam and so on.

Let’s jump into the video quality and I can tell you that it is fantastic for the camera this cheap price. The dash cam has 165 degrees wide-angle lens with F 1.8 aperture to show a good low-light image quality.

You can shoot videos at the maximum resolution of 1296 P which is way above Full HD at 30 frames per second. Of course you can switch to 60 frames per second but you will lose a little bit of detail.

I tested the camera in various lighting conditions and I am pleased with the image quality. Sure the camera cannot challenge the more expensive rivals but I really doubt that you can find anything better at the price of $70.

Keep in mind that the camera records only 3 minutes clips. The 3-minute limitation is kind of a shortcoming but I guess it makes sense. Since the camera automatically overrides the oldest clips with the new ones once the memory card is full.

Alright so I’m currently shooting at the maximum resolution of the xiaomi dashcam and this is the handheld footage.

The sound recording quality is not really impressive.

I would say so there you have it the Xiaomi Yi dashcam I have to tell you that it is very hard to beat it for the price. The design is great and the UI is pretty much self-explanatory.

Also the camera has some extra features like Wi-Fi and good image quality makes this device in great budget dashcam.

Sure it would have been nice to have a larger embedded battery.

I didn’t like the limitation of 3 minutes per clip and the camera is not the most discreet gadget in the world.

Other than that the Xiaomi yi dash cam is one of the best products in this price range and I can definitely recommend it.

So that’s all about Xiaomi Yi dashcam. Thanks for reading this post.

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