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Vivo X Calling Review

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In this article I’m going to write about Vivo X Calling device. I also mention all the pros and cons of this device which is designed for vivo smartphones

The device comes in pretty simple yet good-looking packaging instructions on the box are in Chinese but I wouldn’t read it anyway inside the box. There are a few items firstly there is an instruction manual which is again in Chinese. Since the product is not being sold officially neither in the u.s. snore in the EU markets yet.

However if you need it you can get it through the third body resellers. Another item that comes in the packaging is a small strap which lets you attach the device your keys or whatever you wish.

The X Calling comes in a typical vivo design language it is made out of white glossy plastic.

Also there is a power switch which also works as multifunctional button along with the vivo logo on the top of the device. On the back there is a notification LED light.

The device is surrounded by a chrome plastic material on one side. There is a micro USB charging port. On the other there is a place where you can attach the included strap.

All in all the device looks sturdy and well built. Despite the fact that it is made out of plastic material.

The X calling works with a proprietary application which needs to be downloaded from the vivo app store.

All you need to do just turn on the device by press and hold the power switch for about 3 seconds.

If you want to pair it with a new device you need to hold the same key for about 5 seconds. Both mention actions are confirmed by the blue light in the power button and the LED light on the back pairing. The X calling is very easy you just simply need to connect the device to the smartphone via Bluetooth settings and you’re all set.

After the first time the X calling will be saved as your device and will connect automatically in the future.

The application is pretty basic and straightforward. It have just a few functions where you can connect or disconnect the device can also turn on or off warning tone and I will get back to it later to demonstrate to you how to exactly works.

Also the app sets in the ongoing applications list for easy access.

Another functionality includes the reminder function which works when your smartphone is about 10 meters away from the device.

One thing I found a bit weird is that you cannot cancel beeping by tapping the power button or I just didn’t know the secret combination. The only way to turn the beeping off was turning off the device itself.

You can set the warning tone on both the X calling and on the smartphone. This may be very useful if someone tries to steal your device in the bar.

So there you have it the X calling is a good-looking well-built and sleek device. It has two main functions which include the notification of calls and reminder if your smartphone is away from the device more than 10 meters.

As far as these functions go they were great. Moreover the x calling worked well with the HTC and Sony smartphones.

So I presume that it should work with other devices as well.

On the other hand I found a few shortcomings.

For example notifications work only with calls that means that you won’t hear from the device if you receive a text message email or facebook notification. Also it is a bit strange that you can only reject but not answer the calls.

I think it would be useful in some situations.

What is more the functionality is limited just to notifications and the reminder.

I believe that this device could be used for example as a remote camera controller or you may program it to do other stuff.

Anyway I think that these functions could be easily broad by the software updates so the functionality could be expanded.

That’s all about the vivo X calling review. Thanks for reading this post.

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