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Splashproof Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Review

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In this article I’m going to write about Anker splashproof outdoor bluetooth speaker. I also mention all the pros and cons of this device.

Anker has always been a company that makes great yet affordable devices. Is the outdoor Bluetooth speaker a great choice? let’s find out.

As it has become usual in my reviews I have used the device for a few weeks to give you guys my genuine opinion.

I would back the item to show you all the contents that come in the retail packaging. The box itself is nothing to look at just some use your anker stuff.

Inside the box you will find some ankers happy not happy satisfaction card. where the company just brags about its customer care. Also there is a welcome guide in case you need some help to set it up. Next up is a nice carrying pouch which looks and feels to be made out of decent quality materials. Also there is a regular micro USB charging cable and hook in case you want to attach the speaker somewhere while you’re on the go.

The speaker is made out of rubber I slicing material which gives you really nice grip.

Also that device used to be very sturdy and has a great build quality. What makes the speaker stand out from regular speakers is the cylindrical design meaning that the sound is coming from every direction of the speaker.

As far as the size it is very compact and it is also very light.

On the front side of the speaker there is a notification LED light, play, pause or answer the call button along with the volume up and down keys.

I like the placement of the keys as they can be easily reached with your thumb once you carry the device.

On the bottom side there is a power on and off key along with some basic specs and then bow.

Since the device is splash proof the connection ports had to be covered under the flat where you can find the micro USB charging port along with a micro SD card slot as the speaker sports the playback from the memory card directly.

As usual bearing is very easy. Just have to power on the device and it enters the pairing mode automatically, then you just have to select the speaker on your smartphone in the bluetooth settings and you’re all set.

As far as the sound quality I wanted to demonstrate it as professionally as I could so I used the blue Yeti Mike to do that.

So there you have it anchor outdoors bluetooth speaker I love the bold design choice of materials and the build quality of it.

Also I like the fact that it is very easy to hold in your hand and the button placement is excellent.

Moreover ipx4 rating issues that you can use it in the rain easily but this speaker would not survive if it is submerged into water.

Also the addition of the micro SD card slot is a great thing as you can free up your smartphone.

As far as battery, Anker says it can last up to 10 hours I managed to get around 8 hours which is great for such a comeback speaker.

I’m not saying this bad per say but I would call it just above average this figure sounds a bit muffled like some meds and the highs and not that clear.

I’m not complaining about the bases you cannot squeeze something more out of this tiny shell.

Oh no I can recommend the speaker for its design Portability and Inter said but you are looking for a great sound quality there are some better offerings on the market.

So that’s all about Anker Splashproof Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Review. Thanks for reading this post.

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