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Cheap Sports Action Camera SOOCOO S33WS Pro Review

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In this article I’m going to write about SOOCOO S33WS Pro. I also mention all the pros and cons of this device.

This camera was very affordable and good-looking sports action camera made by the company named SOOCOO.

This camera comes in a huge box which has the company’s logo and some main specs printed on it. I will go through some key features during this review. The reason behind the huge packaging is that this gadget comes with the luggage style case which stars a lot of stuff that comes with a camera.

Literally there are a lot of things that come with the SOOCOO action camera and they’re stored neatly so you can carry all the accessories wherever you go.

In addition the case is said to be water repellent so you don’t need to worry about leaving it in the rain.

There is a variety of mounting clips and cradles so you can attach the camera to almost anywhere because you’re not sure how to use them think with an instruction manual should be of a great use. It has a water proof case that means you can under 30 meters of water.

Also there is a mount with a screw hole to attach it to any tripod or anything that uses the standard sized camera screw. In addition there is a bicycle mount.

Let’s start the camera review. The very first impressions you are gonna get is that it is ridiculously small. The size of box of matches would be the closest comparison. In addition it is so lightweight. So you may even think if it is a real camera. The front side is made out of hard plastic material and there are screws on each corner and around the camera the sensor has 150 degrees wide angle lens and the ability to take 16 megapixels pictures or shoot 1080p videos. Moreover there is a power on and off switch an LED notification light. Also there is a speaker which allows you to listen to the sound when playing the videos. On the back side you can find a 1.5 inch LCD screen which is set to be 1080p resolution. However it does not look so as you can clearly see the pixels.

On the other hand it has a great sunlight visibility and it is more than enough to serve you as a convenient viewfinder and for other things.

More on why a display is a neat feature a bit later in this review.

In addition there are many up and down and back is to help you navigate through various settings and shooting modes of the camera.

On the top side there is a camera button which acts as the shutter for taking pictures shooting videos are a select button in the settings menu.

Next to the share button there is a little charging indicator light.

On the left side you can find connectivity options like micro USB port micro SD card slot up to 32 gigs and mini HDMI port. It is worth mentioning that this camera comes will be included 8 gigs micro SD card. The features that continues with included Wi-Fi connectivity option.

Next to the Wi-Fi button is the blue LED light indicating when the Wi-Fi is on and the microphone port sound recording. The bottom side is the place where you can find a battery door which can be easily removed to access a swappable 900 mAh battery.

Alright we want to see why we need this dual screen on the sports action camera. Firstly it is very convenient to frame the shot as it acts a viewfinder either for taking pictures or shooting videos as on any other camera.

The shutter speed is not the best but it is not the slowest either. A cool feature is that a blue LED light flashes as you take the picture. if you want to go from one mode to another you have to press the back key which is actually unusual way of doing that.

What is a bit annoying is that you can quickly go from picture taking mode to video recording modes because once you keep pressing it Becky. There is he playback mode as well. What is more you can see the pictures you’ve taken or even the video you shot right on the screen but as soon as you reach the last saved picture the UI gives a no file message. The oral you I experience is just great there are no lags except it takes just a moment to load up the gallery.

In addition there are tons of settings to play with and you can adjust the resolution of both pictures and video just various picture taking settings like brightness exposure HDR and etc etc.

In addition a cool feature is that it can zoom in or out a video. All in all I don’t see any major shortcomings here the UI is fast simple and it is not overloaded with useless features. Also there are so many settings and the presence of this little screen makes this device and independent.

Camera which is not dependent on your smartphone speaking of smartphones there is a proprietary SOOCOO app for your smartphone as the camera has the Wi-Fi connectivity. Honestly I don’t even see the point of this app as you can adjust all the settings and any pictures or which videos directly on the screen of the action camera. Still the manufacturer believes that it may be useful for some users and has made an app what you have to do is turn on the Wi-Fi on the camera then it crazy network and you have to connect to it from your smartphone using a default password. Then you can go to the app and your smartphone can act as if you binder. However I found it completely terrible as the share lag is just annoying.

In addition you can adjust some settings and the other stuff. Honestly the only useful thing is the ability to download the pictures or the videos to your smartphone and it works well.

This companion app may be useful for some but it’s a verse from connectivity issues slow responses and slow shutter speeds.

So I would only recommend it using it or downloading to your smartphone.

The image quality is actually not that bad for a budget sports action cam.

The colors look okay but they look a bit only warmer side.

The contrast and dynamic range is above average.

Finally it is definitely not on par with a high-end smartphones but this camera costs just over 100 US dollars a price it’s pretty good.

On the other hand the shots taken indoors are not good.

In addition the lens could be definitely wider as it is not on par with xiaomi Yi action camera. I compared with shot and the videos at the maximum resolution of 1080p at 30 frames per second. When there is not a lot of movement involve the footage turns out to be not that bad for a budget device.

The sound recording could be definitely better as the sound is unclear but it also has some strange knots. What is more the video civilization is far from the best as the majority of the footage is quite cheeky. On the other hand it is still usable the videos.

In addition I rode through some off roads at a good speed to simulate some sports action well kind of the videos could definitely have some more detail and the shakiness could be reduced well. The footage would not be that shaky you mount the camera on your head as it is one of the best civilization.

Overall the video quality is not bad for a budget camera but could definitely see some improvements. On the other hand you can’t expect more for this low price.

The battery life depends on how often you use the screen. When I set the screen to turn off automatically after one minute of inactivity the operating time extended to around 60 minutes. Battery life could be better but the good thing is that it still works when connected to the part powerbank.

Overall the SOOCOO S33WS Pro camera is a perfect device for the price of just over a 100 US dollars. It is very compact and lightweight and it comes with a case which is full of accessories to expand the usability options. Picture quality is quite good in the daylight but could be better in the low light situations. Also the lens are wide but not the widest. The video quality it is not bad when there is not a lot of movement involved but once you start moving the footage suffers from some shakiness. Also the sound quality is not that great.

I was really disappointed by a Cool camera app which was actually annoying to use. On the other hand you can adjust all the settings on the camera itself and use it as a you finder re playback option to sum up. Despite a few shortcomings this camera is definitely one of the better deals out there in this price range. Of course it is not on par with a GoPro but it does not come even close to that price range either if you are looking for an affordable sports action camera.

So that’s all about SOOCOO S33WS Pro review. Thanks for reading this post.

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