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360 Degree 4K Premium Camera Review (4K)

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In this article I’m going to write about the new 360 Degree 4K Premium Camera and it is none other than insta 360 camera.

Let’s started

360 video is not anything but there aren’t too many cameras that can shoot in DCI or cinema 4k quality.

The insta 360 camera has all that his great design but it costs almost $700.

It’s the first time I reveal a product made by this company and a good way to start with is a nice and premium looking presentation.

The camera comes in a nice carrying case and inside a Billiken piadc cable with dual USB ports.

As this camera can be powered by the power bank also there is a standard power plug a quarter inch screw mount.

32 gigabytes microSD card and some calibration stickers. The only downside would be that the company did not include a carrying pouch.

The design of the insta 360 is rather unusual and it may look like a security camera for some. In fact it draws quite a bit of attention due to its size and shape and of course due to a 10 megapixel Sony CMOS sensors on the front and rear both cameras happy super white 230 degrees field of view.

The build quality of the device is top-notch it’s made of aluminum and it have curves on both sides for ventilation.

On the top it have a little OLED display that shows all the basic info you need and allows you to adjust a few basic settings you can navigate through the menu using the side ease. Which are a clicky and tactile on the bottom.

It has a few parts of the mounting screw that allows you to attach the camera to the tripod or other accessories.

Also It has an external mic to improve his sound quality you can start shooting videos are taking pictures by just pressing a multifunctional button.

Also you can download the instant 360 app that allows you to use the phone as a viewfinder are just some basic settings view and download the content and so on.

The thing is that the app is very easy to use and you can view 360 videos on your phone almost instantly.

There are quite a few wants that you have to download. If you want to watch or edit 360 content on your PC or Mac. If you want to watch 360 videos I suggest you doing that on your phone tablet or use the VR headset for the best experience.

You can also do that on your computer but you will need to use the insta 360 player or Insta 360 studio app.

If you want to edit videos you can also download the Adobe Premiere plugin. So you can easily edit that 360 content there. Unfortunately I use the Final Cut Pro.

If you want to upload videos on YouTube you would need to download that YouTube’s 360 metadata tool first.

Also you can upload the 360 video to the insta 360 cloud service without any hassle but the website is in Chinese.

As for the image quality I would say that the 4k video at 25 frames per second looks very good in my eyes.

It looks a little bit sharper and there is more detail than in the footage produced by the Samsung gear 360.

Sure there is some artificial stitching going on and you should not expect the same level of sharpness.

The low-light performance could be better as there is a lot of noise also the audio recording quality could be a lot better..

Fortunately you can connect an external microphone and it really helps.

It has a 5000 mAh battery that allows you to record almost 1 hour of 360 4k video which is a pretty good result.

The insta 360 camera is a device that aims to combine the sharpness of 4k and sphericity of 360 videos for a premium price.

I have to say that it succeeds in quite a few ways as the video and image quality is indeed pretty good.

The insta 360 camera looks really nice and sturdy design.

The battery life of 1 hour is good and I found both Android and Mac apps easy to use.

Also the low-light image quality could be better. The fact that the Sony sensors have a bright F 2.0 aperture. Lastly the audio recording quality, if you used the internal mic is quite terrible.

At the end of the day I can still say that the insta 360 is a very high quality product as it produces one of the best 4k videos I’ve seen so far in this price range. However there are a few shortcomings to consider before spending your $699 dollars u.s.

So that’s the insta 360 camera review. Thanks for reading this article.

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