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How To Solved MacBook Storage Problem

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In this article I’m going to write about MacBook storage problem and how to solve this problem.

Do you think that your MacBook is perfect but like some storage space? Well you can add some storage by doing some tricks. However aren’t there any similar yet different options to increase the storage capacity.

Of course there may be even better options like upgrading to a brand new SSD disk which has bigger capacity. However I decided to review something way more simple to install and much cheaper. Is it a good addition to your Mac? Let’s find out.

Meet the transcend J Drive light 330 128 gig storage expansion card.

Since there are different card types for each macbook I will review the card which is designed specifically to the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display late 2012 version.

Inside the box you will find some instruction manuals and obviously the expansion card. I don’t really care about them. The first thing you are going to notice how small the card is! It is actually about half of the size of a regular SD card.

What’s more it’s made out of matte plastic material as any other storage card. The company needed to cut the card size in half since you cannot squeeze in the Vall regular-sized SD card into nowadays my books.

Well you can try but we’re not sure how it will end up the idea behind this odd thing of MacBook is probably that Apple usually wants to carry that thinnest and lightest device crown in the world..

So it needs to save every inch in its mac box. The size comparison also shows why the transcend storage expansion option needed to be much smaller in physical size.

It stays almost completely flush with your MacBook. Therefore it assures almost seamless design and comfort. Well when we say almost this expansion card does stick out a bit but it does not exceed one millimeter.

On the other hand the fact that the cart sticks out a bit helps remove the card without the need of any extra tool. Well unless you call your nails an extra tool actually if you want to remove the card. I suggest you doing that before you cut your nails because you need a bit of extra pull to do that.

On one side it is good that the card stays firm in your Mac and you don’t need to be afraid of losing it. On the other hand it takes a little bit of time taking it out and honestly we did not like that extra effort we needed to put.

If you are a photographer and use regular SD cards on a daily basis I suggest you buying an extra SD card reader unless you like breaking your nails from time to time while trying to take out the strengths and storage device.

Let’s do some testing using the Blackmagic speed test app. Where do the tests on the 13 inch MacBook Pro with Retina display which is late 2012 model it has 2.5 gigahertz Intel Core i5 chip inside along with 8 gigs of RAM.

The transcend declares maximum read speed of 95 Meg’s per second and maximum write speed of 60 Meg’s per second the declared speeds are pretty good in our opinion.

Well let’s see how the storage expansion card performs on this test and if it can keep up to the manufacturer’s declarations.

We have to say that we ran a test for more than 10 minutes and the app did not finish testing it automatically.

Well we think that the test results depend on many factors including the hardware and software of the computer.

Therefore I should also take a look at the real-life tests to see how it performs the first real-life test we are going to do is transferring a pile which is about one gig and size. This time we will transfer it from internal macbook SSD drive to the transcend flash drive I see that it performs quite fast as it takes chest a bit over 30 seconds to complete the file transfer.

This time I will do the opposite test with the same file we will copy it from the transient flash drive to the internal SSD of MacBook.

I can see how fast it performs right now as it takes just about 20 seconds to transfer one gig file so there you have it we believe that the transcend flashcard is an excellent storage upgrade option without the need to take the computer apart and install a new SSD drive.

What’s more the whole installation process takes just a second without the need of any additional software. Also the card stays almost completely flush with the mac books.

So you don’t need to worry about breaking it or losing it while you carry your Mac on the go. On the other hand I found it a bit too difficult and inconvenient to take the card out but it is far from the deal-breaker since I’ve started using a regular SD card from my camera more and more.

I consider buying an extra SD card reader to let the transcend card rest in my mac book. In addition to this the synthetic speed tests showed a bit slower speeds then it is declared by a manufacturer but the real-life scenarios showed how fast the file transfer speeds are well they are fast enough for us.

Finally it is a much cheaper option to add that extra 128 gigs than buying a macbook with more storage directly from Apple considering all the pros and cons I believe that it is one of the best ways to go if you need more space without breaking the bank of course buying a spare SD card reader would be an asset unless you like taking the card out and possibly breaking the nails from time to time.

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