How To Open A Wine Bottle With A Shoe

    There is a rumor swirling about online: If you’ve got a jar of wine, but no corkscrew by which to start that, then a shoe is going to work well.


     Only nine speedy strikes against the rock wall using a man’s dress shoe, and sew!  The cork slides.

     The cork pops straight from the jar.  However, does this parlor trick work together with all the newfangled plastic corks?

    However, does this parlor trick utilize any shoe say, even 3-inch heels?  And if that’s the case, what is the physics behind the cork-popping activity?

    We chose to check it out here in The Salt, that is, after all, part of NPR’s Science Desk.  And we could say, without a doubt, opening wine using a shoe does really function — but it sure is not simple.  (My arms and tummy muscles have been sore for days after hammering a bottle of cabernet sauvignon from the wall to get 10 to 15 minutes.)

    And when your wine includes one such newfangled plastic corks, then you are out of luck.  Those suckers would not budge a millimeter, however difficult we pounded the jar against the wall.

    What exactly pushes out the cork?

    The wine !

    “It is really very easy,” states James Wallace, a scientist in the University of Maryland, who analyzes fluid dynamics.

    Vino physics: In nature, popping out the cork with a shoe comes down to the way the 3 stages of matter act.  Liquids like wine behave a whole lot like solids when they are restricted.  The molecules are close together and transmit forces in the bottle’s underside to its own cork.

    As it happens, wine is really a fairly great transmitter of drive, sort of like a piston.

    Hence that the wine will behave like a strong.”  And these wine molecules will move that induce all way into the cork, which makes it pop out.

    However, you can not just catch any boot, sneaker or loafer to start the jar.

    Shoes with soles which are too padded, for example jogging shoes, do not work in any way, Wallace states:”A running shoe is created with some type of compressible substance that could deform.  Therefore that the power of this wall has been consumed by the only.  A number of these force goes out into the side.  The force isn’t really concentrated.”

    Beer-Tapping Physics: A Hit Into Your Bottle Makes A Foam Volcano

    Unsurprisingly, the pointy 3-inch heel did not work nicely, either. 

    You see, to get the utmost force to move to the wine, the jar has to be perfectly vertical to the wallsocket.  If the bottle stinks at all, then a few of this pressure from the wall will not get sent to the jar, Wallace states.

    In reality, Wallace says that you most likely don’t require a shoe whatsoever to find that jar available.

    So there could be hardly any compression of material.  The energy of this attack would be transmitted to both surfaces”

    Obviously, with that plan, you put yourself at danger of breaking up the jar, Wallace states. The only real will help to absorb some of their energy, and that means that you may automatically calibrate how hard to reach it.”

     However, at least you will have to drink it rather than wear it.

    Editor’s Note: Introduction wine for this particular trick comes with some danger.  Although we did not violate any bottles through hours of experimentation, broken glass is a severe threat here.  Therefore, in the event that you choose to try out this (and we are not saying you need to ), please be cautious, particularly if you’re imbibing.  Many commenters below tell us they have tried this technique before and suffered injuries as a outcome. 

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