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How To Get Smell Out Of Shoes? Remove Bad Odor Instantly

Today I gonna be write about three sneaker tips on how to get smell out of shoes.

So without further let’s get into the first tip.

Tips 1:

Alright so for sneaker tip number one. All I’m gonna be taking is some plain old dryer sheets and inserting them into the shoes.

What dryer sheets do is helps collect moisture and now overall improve the smell of the shoes.

So if you have shoes all you do is take the dryer sheets and insert them into the shoe it’s a quick and easy thing and if you leave them overnight and take them out your shoes, you smell better. If you have a shoes that you only wear a few times out of the week or ever, you know you just take the dryer sheet and just place it into the shoe and it and you have some fresh smelling shoes.

Tips 2:

Alright for the second sneaker tip what I’m gonna be taking is some baking soda and a shoe and I’m gonna be spreading the baking soda in this shoe.

So what this does is baking soda actually helps remove the smell and helps to dry up the shoes just like the dryer lint or the dryer sheet.

So if you don’t have dryer sheets laying around baking soda is another great alternative.

So I’m gonna be doing is I’m going to be taking a desired scoop so for the say first say this much and I’m gonna be applying it into the shoe by just dropping it in and just shaking the shoe around so it gets on the overall on the inside.

Tips 3

The third and final sneaker tip all I’m gonna be doing is taking some rubbing alcohol and some cotton balls and all I’m gonna be doing is applying it to the inning lie inner liner of thee shoe.

What the rubbing alcohol will do is help kill the bacteria that is causing that odor in your shoe.

So now what I’m gonna do as I’m open this up take a cotton ball make sure there’s a good amount of rubbing alcohol not too much for it to just seep out onto the shoe and you’re just gonna rub through the inside of the shoe.

So you just want to get right around this area and somewhat the the insole but mostly you’d want to just focus on that outer areas of this shoe and if you’d like you could take out the insult and then hit the insole separately.

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