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How To Fix Cracked Leather Shoes Instantly

In this article I gonna write about how to fix cracked leather shoes back to life and back into shape by getting the creases out of your shoes.

And also at the end of the article I’m gonna throw in some bonus tips that you probably haven’t heard about before.

Step One

The very first thing you wanna do is set your iron.

I use an ironing board but it can really be done on any flat surface that you want to do it on just make sure your workspaces and you cut it as you will definitely need room to move around and make sure you move anything that may be damaged by heat while they under way.

So you don’t want to plug your own in and then turn on as hot as it goes.

Now I understand some iron settings might be a little confusing and if your line doesn’t have like a temperature readout or temperature number on the dial just turn it in the direction towards where it says cotton and linen as that is the hot side..

Now you just gonna sit behind there and let it heat up whilst we move on to step two which is going to be preparing the sneakers.

Step Two

Now to fill the time walks we’re gonna use some form of cloth. Now you can use things such as like a towel or if you use some socks or you can even use like an old shirt if you have one of those lying around.

I’ve seen some people say that you can use paper to pack your toe box but if you can avoid that I would recommend it as you don’t to see your shoes going up in smoke.

So what you’re going to do is you’re just going to pack whatever you are using into the toe box the best that you can and you’ll start to see the sneaker rise back up into its original shape and you’ll know that it’s packed correctly.

If the toe box on the sneaker feels completely solid so I’ve also seen some people recommend you taking the laces out of your sneakers at this point but personally I keep my laces in my shoes just because I think it does a better job at holding the filler material in and keeping the sneakers shape when you’re ironing.

So now that you have both sneakers packed we’re gonna move on to step number three.

Step Three

So for the process of awning you’re gonna need two things one is gonna be a towel and the other one is gonna be a container of water.

Preferably and make sure your towel is the same color as your shoes One or the sneaker that you’re ironing.

Just because there’s the potential or the color from the tower to run onto the sneaker itself during the hiring process now if you don’t have a towel there’s the same color as your sneaker you just do a small test on the inner heel of your food just to make sure that it doesn’t run and see if it’s okay to use.

So firstly you’re gonna wet the towel in the container of water.

Now it doesn’t need to be saturated it just needs to be damp so make sure to wring it out if you have to then place it over the area of the sneaker you’re going to be ironing.

So the wet towel will act as like a boundary layer and will protect the shoe from any potential burn marks that might affect the lever and the water on the towel will help transfer the heat from the iron onto your sneaker.

And so now you have the child set over the area the creases are you can finally start lining the mountain and to do this we’re just going to use the tip of the iron and run over the area the pre-start just back and forth for about five to ten seconds just making sure that the area doesn’t get to fight over this process. Once the part of the channel that you’re using becomes dry because the iron remove the towel so a new gen pot covers the area you’re ironing and repeat the process.

I avoid getting too close to the soles of the sneakers just because they made out of like a rubbery material and they don’t have as good as heat resistance as the leather upper of the sneaker and we of course don’t want them melting now depending on how bad these creased your sneakers are and main taking multiple runs to get the creases yeah completely and if you have particularly badly creased knickers like I do the crease marks may still slightly remain after ironing there a bunch of times but that’s alright because we can at least get the sneak it back to its originally intended shape and I think that’s a good enough of me.

So really now guys is up to you as to how much effort you want to put in joining it creases out of your airport one and so now that we’re getting towards the end of the article I wanna share with you guys my five extra bonus tips that I found it being helpful.

Tips 1:

When it comes to removing the creases out of my shoes Ones and so my first tip is kind of like a little harder to implement but it’s regarding the type of on you use so if you have an iron with that like little steamer function that can be a big bonus as they enables you to add moisture to the towel off your ironing and esteem you can also help soften up the weather and making those creases out a little bit easier.

Tips 2:

So my second tip regarding the patterning of the sneaker is if you only obviously boxes lying around that you’ve kept those little hard cardboard towing surface that you get when your new pair of sneakers. These things can be really helpful at you know creating the right shape for the toe box and creating a nice flat surface of the toe box feeding on and sometimes I found when you pack the toe box using just cloth or towel it can sometimes create a little bit of a bulge in the toe box and there’s obviously something that you don’t want so what I do is I put the little toe in 13 and nice all my cloth material underneath it as you can see it does create quite a nice toe box shape.

Tips 3:

The 3rd tips is regarding really tough sneakers it’s just seemed impossible to get back into shape so what I found out is that you can just leave the filler material in overnight or even just in for a couple of days and you just let the sneak it come back to its original shape over time now. I felt this really helped when I come back to my holiday and my sneakers were terribly creased and I just wanted to get them back into some reasonably wearable shape so I just filled them up and left him for a couple of days and come back and it did do quite a lot more than you might expect.

Final Tips:

The final tip of how to fix cracked leather shoes. Ones and it’s going to be just not creasing them in the first place and so to help with that I bought these bad boys now these are called the snake shields if you haven’t seen them before and they are meant to go inside your shoe and help reduce the amount of creasing that happens in the toe box of your Air Force One now there are some name-brand versions of these unfortunately though none of them wanted to shift you Australia so what i ended up doing was just getting these six dollar pair of ebay and i’m glad i didn’t pay twenty or thirty dollars for them like the name-brand once i actually end up paying six dollars so these are really just a piece of plastic and i don’t see why they would be that expensive.

So not gonna lie these guys don’t do a bad job of protecting the toe box this sneaker but unless you have like a really stiff foot and you don’t move your foot any time you take it step these things are just gonna move the spot that the city cruises away from the toe box which is a nice thing as the toe box is probably the worst looking piece when you crease it so it’s quite good to have these but in the end of the day you can’t expect to have a solution have absolutely zero creases especially when you’re wearing the sneakers.

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