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Best Outdoors Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

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In this article I’m going to write about best outdoors wireless bluetooth speaker. I also mention all the pros and cons of this device.

The device comes with instruction manuals USB and aux cables and carbine. The archer speaker is mainly designed for outer use as it has ip54 reaching. Meaning that you can survive water sprays from all directions and some minor drops. It’s made of rubberized plastic and it has multi-directional speaker is meaning that the sound is coming out from all directions. Also the device is really compact and portable. So you can just simply drop it in the bag but once I do happy flap and underneath it you can find your micro USB charging part aux input for non Bluetooth devices and micro SD card slot.

As the speaker supports playback directly from the memory cards all you have to do is to insert the card and the music starts playing automatically. On the other side you can find the really interesting volume rocker you have to spin it alot adjust the volume and well it may be annoying for some it is put fun to me.

Also the volume rocker doubles as play and pause button if you press it on the front to the right skip tracks buttons. Battery capacity indicator which is actually really neat feature power on and off switch or mode button and a few notification LEDs play by TF card you can listen to music either via bluetooth from your phone or directly from the microSD card.

The sound quality it’s really good to be honest not all manufacturers succeed when trying to make a good sounding multi-directional speaker but our cheer did a pretty good job.

The sound is deep and clear and I could hear a pretty good balance between lows mids and highs.

Finally this thing is loud for its size as it has 10 watts of total volume output and that the base is really punchy. As for battery the speaker sportsy 15000 mAh unit and I could get over 10 hours of continuous playback which is a really great result.

As far as Bluetooth I didn’t have any connection our range issues. The archer Bluetooth speaker cost $39 us and I believe it’s a pretty good operon cos during the feature set. It has the speaker’s Part C great build quality it is splashproof shockproof and dustproof. It has a lot of controls and indication LED lights. It supports the playback from the micro SD cards.

The battery life is great and the sound quality is really good. However a few shortcomings would be that the call quality is bad and it even has connection issues also the flap that is covering the parts kit stay more firmly.

As I always have to double check it before using it in the rain or shower although it may not be the only option available on the market it can be definitely recommended. Thank’s for reading this post.

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