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Best Mini Projector In Cheap Price

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In this article I’m going to write about best mini projector. I also mention all the pros and cons of this device.

Wireless projectors that are getting more popular since they are so compact and lightweight. So you can carry them anywhere you want. I’ve been using the Audion projector for more than a month and it turns out to be a pretty good device for the price of just below 240 bucks.

The projector ships with all the stuff you need to get started.

My only complaint is that generic flimsy tripod so I use my favorite mini tripod made by Manfrotto.

The design I have a pink color option that has 32 gigabytes of internal storage. The projector doesn’t look or feel expensive but it doesn’t seem to break anytime soon.

What I love about this device is that you can use it in a lot of different ways.

There is a micro SD card slot 2 USB ports 4 USB flash drives HDMI port and the headset jack which comes handy since. The built-in speaker is quite terrible.

On the other hand you can easily connect the Bluetooth speaker it. One thing worth mentioning is that the device supports only HDMI input not output function.

You can control the projector using either the buttons or using a remote that has all the controls you need.

The brightness of the bulb reaches only 50 lumens. That’s why you need to use the projector in the dark room.

As far as the image quality goes the device has the resolution of 1080p which is really impressive for such a tiny projector. For example the Puridea wireless projector that I have reviewed before has a much lower resolution and the image quality difference is quite significant.

A lot that the projector has the built in Auto Keystone correction. There is no autofocus feature though but it is really easy to focus manually using the dial. The auden projector runs on the outdated android 4.4 and it has 1 gigabyte of ram.

The user interface is pretty simple and it is fast and fluid. It has a bunch of pre-installed apps to choose from and you can always download a few more via the Google playstore.

Navigating through the menus may be a little bit frustrating using the remote control.

That’s why I suggest you using the Bluetooth keyboard and the mouse you can use. The built-in apps to watch the videos or even TV channels and these features work fine. However my favorite way of using this device is connecting my Android phone using the miracast feature.

I can select from a variety of other streaming modes. I’ve tested the projector with my one plus 3T. My MacBook Pro, Windows laptop iPad and it works just fin. Basically you can project anything you want.

I mostly use it for streaming videos stored locally on my phone or from YouTube and it worked just fine. You can also play some games but keep in mind that there may be a slight lay on the projected screen. If you play some graphically intensive games the built-in fan is quite silent.

The battery life has been one of the strongest points of this device. The 5000 mAh battery allowed you to use it for almost 3 hours which is a great result.

You can also use it while charging the device via the DC charger. However you cannot charge it with a power bank via the USB port like some other projectors I’ve tested.

The Audion Wireless projector is one of the best tiny projectors I have reviewed so far.

Well, yes it looks and feels kind of plastic. You can charge it via the USB port. The device runs on the outdated Android 4.4 and the brightness output is just 50 lumens. On a positive note it has a ton of features and a lot of different ways of streaming the content. Most importantly the image quality is very good for such a tiny device and the battery was great. This may not be the cheapest device out there but I believe it brings quite a lot of value for the price despite a few shortcomings.

So that’s all about Audion Wireless projector. Thanks for reading this post.

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